Hi, I'm Ali.  I'm a teacher by trade and single mum to 3 grown up boys/men!  I have a gorgeous partner who helps me in my efforts in return for a home cooked dinner.

This is my other blog where I chronicle my efforts to decorate my home on a tiny budget.  I'm a great believer in recycling and upcycling items destined to be thrown away.  I try to apply this philosophy to all areas of my life with greater success in some areas!

I always do my research and while some people (ahem!) think I just randomly acquire stuff, I do actually have a plan.  Ok, parts of it might be in my head but I do have a master plan of how I'd like my house and garden to look by the time I retire, early!

Keep checking in to see what I'm up to next 😎

You can click this link for  More about me

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